Providing more than just light.


With the Fosera solar home systems you get the power to light up your home for the important things in life.

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Changing lives with just the sun.

Solar Lights

Let our high quality products light up your homes and power your world.

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Carry the energy of the sun with you.

Solar Portables

Trust our extremely efficient portable energy systems. They provide you with bright LED light, a long lifetime and flexible usage - they also power your radio or other lamps!

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Our principles

What does Fosera stand for?

Fosera is a young and dynamic company that stands for german engineered high quality products with a long lifetime and flexible usage and extension.
Therefore we provide 3 years warranty.




Warranty and longevity

Don't worry running out of fuel. The sun will still be there in 5 billion years. Our systems will probably not last 5 billion years but a 3 years warranty and a life time of more than 8 years is not bad also, isn't it?




Engineered in Germany

We are proud of our own fantastic team of German engineers who ensure the best solutions for your home since 2011. Following the quality standards our systems are designed to provide an excellent customer experience with the modern plug & play design.




Flexible extension

It’s true! Due to their unique and modular design our systems are flexible to grow with your demand. Your personal power supply is designed to let you connect a wide range of appliances and lamps. It is completely maintenance free and now available with Pay-As-You-Go integration!

Our Products

The Fosera Product Lines

Not just a fixed kit - Fosera systems give customers the ability to create a configuration based on their market's unique demands. Choose the amount of lamps, number of phones to charge and which appliances to run with the system. Fosera recommends the product line, battery size and solar panel size to fit.


The entry-level solar home system, sleek and easy to use, it comes standard with two lamps and the ability to charge one phone.


The Fosera PSHS is an affordable way to get the key benefits of energy straight to your home. Lighting, radio and phone charging.


The Fosera Power Line LSHS is a solar home system which supports you to enter the world of energy, not only multiple lights but also efficient appliances available.

Fosera EVO

The Fosera EVO is our most powerful solar home system yet giving you access to refrigeration and water heating opportunities.


Compatible and powerful! Torches, TV, radio and more: the Fosera appliances are made to run efficiently and effectively with our systems.

The Technology

Solar science meets German engineering

High quality standards, efficiency and longevity of the products feel natural to our german engineers.

1.2 Billion

People in the world live off-grid.

Currently, more than 1.7 billion people have no access to electricity, they live "off-grid". Fosera knows of the needs of those people and desings devices which ensure regular and clean power generation by using high quality solar batteries.


Average saved, per home, using fosera.

It’s the efficiency and the longevity of our products that enables this.


Countries where Fosera has made a difference.

We are happy that we powered so many worlds in 42 countries.

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