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We are Part of the Scene

It is our concern to always be present and available for our customers. By operating assembly lines on the spot, fosera is able to offer customers direct and prompt support in repair requests and any other questions. To operate local assemblies is even more interesting due to the fact that fosera directly gets in touch with the needs of the people, which enables us to design products truly fiting local requirements.


Global player

At the moment, fosera is operating five assembly lines on three continents.

In Ethiopia at Bahir Dar and in Kenya at Naivasha.

Our main factory is located in Thailand, more precisely in Pathum Thani.

Currently, our engaged managing directors make every effort to set-up an additional assembly in Liberia.

For the future we will open further fosera assembly lines in countries worldwide to spread our message:

We want environementally friendly and affordable electrification for everyone!

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