13 V

Fosera EVO

powers lighting, phone charging and all Fosera appliances

The Fosera EVO is our most powerful solar home system yet, a full-solution allowing any home or business to enjoy access to powerful energy.
With 5V USB and 12V outlet connectors, the Fosera EVO can be efficiently run with Fosera DC appliances including lighting, phone charging, radio, TV, fan, and refrigeration.

Use Cases

For powerful energy usage in homes and businesses, Fosera EVO provides an innovative hybrid storage solution. It can be implemented in the working environment, agriculture and in communal cases. Click over the icons to learn more

Working Environment

Rural Life

Communal/Public/ Every Day


Flexible sizing:

The Fosera EVO (12V) is offered in four sizes allowing you to connect a broad range of appliances of your choosing.
Our systems are designed to flexible and to grow.

Hybrid battery combination:

The long lifetime of a Fosera Lithium battery (LiFePO4) provides a main power source with the affordable cost of a lead acid battery acting as a storage backup. When lithium battery depletes, the lead acid battery can supply power until the Lithium battery is charged again.

Ability to grow:

In case the energy demand increases at a later stage, the Fosera EVO can be adapted to grow by adding an additional solar panel or the Fosera Refrigerator to extend storage capacity.  

Intelligent LCD control panel:

With priority, excess-energy and night-light settings, Fosera EVO manages the power consumption over the day so that all appliances have the energy needed to function.

Integrated Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) technology:

We work with several different PAYG partners to help overcome the upfront price barrier by enabling users to divide the price into affordable amounts over time.
To read more about PAYG, click here

Custom Fosera EVO Configuration

Each Fosera EVO system is customized based on the appliances you need to run with a system: lighting, phone charging, radio, torches, fan, TV, refrigerator (coming soon) and water heater (coming soon)

13V Fosera Lamp

Our classic bright lamp. Available in 100, 200 or 400 lumens

13V fb Lamp

Ultra-economic lighting Available in 100 or 200 lumens

13V Fosera Tube Light

Ultra-bright lighting, available in 400 or 700 lumens

Fosera Radio 100

5 V Mini USB Radio

Fosera mobile One

3.25 V/ 3.20 Ah torch 16-200 Lumens adjustable brightness

Fosera mobile Mini

3.25 V / 400 mAh torch 40 Lumens brightness

Fosera Standing Fan

13 V / 8.5 W Standing fan

Fosera TV 240

23.6” TV

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Technical Data

  • Nominal system voltage
  • Lithium capacity (built in)
  • Recommended lead capacity
  • Recommended PV power
  • Nominal system output
  • Max. load output current
  • Max. PV open circuit voltage
  • Max. charging current
  • Integrated USB outlet
  • Outlet Connectors
  • Connectors
  • Max. Connector cable diameter
  • Ambient temperature
  • Protection functions
  • Compatible external lead batteries
  • Dimensions hybrid system
  • Dimensions lithium system

Fosera EVO 80

  • 12 V
  • 6.4 Ah
  • 12 Ah
  • 50 W
  • 77 W
  • 6 A
  • 25 V
  • 6 A
  • 2 x 5V / 1A
  • 2 x USB, 4 X Fosera jack, 1 x Screw terminal load, 2 x Screw terminal special outlet
  • 1 x Screw Terminal lead acid battery, 2 x PV module
  • 16 mm²
  • 0-50 °C max. battery lifetime at 15-25 °C
  • Overcurrent, Short circuit, Overload, Overcharge, Deep discharge, Overvoltage
  • Every 12 V lead acid battery: AGM (recommended), Gel, Open, Sealed. Max. dimensions 270 x 180 x 180 mm
  • 336,5 x 216,5 x 323 mm
  • 336,5 x 216,5 x 90 mm
  • *Additional phone charging and the use of other appliances will reduce the runtime

Fosera EVO 160

  • 12 V
  • 12.8 Ah
  • 30 Ah
  • 100 W
  • 154 W
  • 12 A
  • 25 V
  • 12 A

Fosera EVO 240

  • 12 V
  • 19.2 Ah
  • 40 Ah
  • 150 W
  • 192 W
  • 15 A
  • 25 V
  • 15 A

Fosera EVO 320

  • 12 V
  • 25.6 Ah
  • 55 Ah
  • 200 W
  • 192 W
  • 15 A
  • 25 V
  • 15 A

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