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Fosera expands its solar home system family with Fosera SPARK and Fosera EVO

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Showing at Intersolar Europe in Munich 15 – 17 May 2019, Fosera has expanded its product portfolio with two new solar home systems. Fosera SPARK and Fosera EVO are designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers for systems adaptable to unique off-grid rural electrification products.

Fosera SPARK

The Fosera SPARK joins the BLUE LINE family of systems including PSHS and mobile One to serve households that need lighting, radio and phone charging.

Fosera SPARK is designed as an ultra-efficient entry-level solar home system. A small, sleek profile makes it a gateway product for households in emerging markets requiring lighting and phone charging. Available in three sizes: 3.2 Ah, 6.4 Ah and 9.6 Ah, the Fosera SPARK is flexibly sized to allow customers to add on a radio or the mobile Mini.

“With the Fosera SPARK, we wanted to bring clean and affordable renewable energy to even more people without having to make compromises on quality,” said Fosera CEO Catherine Adelmann.

The system comes standard with two dimmable 100 lumen lamps and a USB port for phone charging. Thanks to a low-energy mode that turns off the USB and brightest light setting to save battery, the user is never left in the dark. An integrated keypad makes the system easy to monitor and top-up Pay As You Go (PAYG) credit.

More on the Fosera SPARK here.
For more information on the Fosera SPARK with Angaza PAYG integration, click here.


Fosera EVO

The Fosera EVO rounds out the POWER LINE family of systems that includes the LSHS to provide households with lighting, radio, phone charging as well as TV, and fan. A refrigerator is in the works to be available only for use with the EVO. The system opens the door for users to meet the modern power demands of a home or small business.

With an innovative combination of a lithium (LiFePO4) and lead acid battery available in four powerful sizes: 18.4 Ah, 42.8 Ah, 59.2 Ah and 80.6 Ah (combining LiFePO4 and lead acid), the EVO is able to provide a longer autonomy and support more DC appliances than the LSHS system. The high quality lithium battery provides the main power source while the affordable lead acid component acts as a storage backup for days of poor sun.

“Hybrid technology is mostly seen in larger systems. We wanted to make a hybrid system more easily accessible and cost efficient by offering it in a smaller system size that didn’t exist before,” explains Bernhard Adelmann, Fosera Product Development Engineer, “Fosera EVO was developed to bring more powerful systems to our off-grid customers.”

With an intelligent LCD control panel, priority excess energy and night-light settings, Fosera EVO can manage the power consumption over the day so all appliances have the needed energy to function.

More on the Fosera EVO here.

Modern battery components and high quality technology

The new systems continue to uphold Fosera’s high standard of quality, offering a 3-year warranty. Our LiFePO4 batteries are designed with efficiency in mind and resistant to capacity losses, allowing the systems to provide up to 10 years of maintenance-free lifespan. All Fosera appliances are extremely efficient, with LED lights supplying up to 140 lm/W and with a LED lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

Fosera SPARK and Fosera EVO are now available for sample purchases up to larger orders, reach out to our sales team to find out more by clicking here.