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Fosera wins grant for innovative PV-based clean cooking

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Traditional biomass cooking stoves are still used by approximately three billion people and come at a great cost to both health and the environment.

Fosera is proud to announce to be awarded with a R&D grant from Efficiency for Access, funded by UKAid through the UKMECS programme, to tackle this problem and developed PV-based rice and pressure cookers.

Efficiency for Access is a coalition, scaling up and bringing together a range of programmes and support mechanisms to accelerate energy efficiency in clean energy access efforts, driving markets for super-efficient technologies, supporting innovation, and improving sector coordination.

MECS is a UKAid funded programme designed to change the narrative on clean cooking and break out of business-as-usual approaches. The programme aims to rapidly accelerate the transition from biomass to clean cooking on a global scale.

You can discover more about this initiative and keep updated on our progress by visiting: