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fosera. IGNITE - our new 12V solar home system

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We are excited to announce our newest solar system: the fosera. IGNITE!

The innovative fosera. IGNITE 12V solar home system features the option to operate high power appliances like a fridge and extends the fosera. 12V POWER LINE offering. 

Replacing the successful fosera. LSHS, it comes with many improved features such as battery protection, making the system even more durable and reliable in off-grid settings. 

With up to 243 Wh storage and 150 Wp of solar power, the fosera. IGNITE meets all needs of an Off-Grid household, ranging from light to TV, fan to food cooling. With a significantly longer battery lifetime than Lithium NMC, the fosera. IGNITE has protection features such as short circuit, over-current or electrostatic discharge, allowing a maintenance free operation and a 3-year warranty.

The fosera. IGNITE is equipped with 7 outlets, 3 more than the LSHS: 5 regular outlets, 1 programmable and one high power outlet. 

PAYG service has been implemented through the OpenPAYGOToken, an open source PAYG system, which can be integrated with any PAYGO software platform. 

Learn more about the fosera. IGNITE...