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Who we are and what we do..


...What started as an ambitious graduation project by our founder and CEO, Catherine Adelmann, grew to become fosera, a company with a vision to bring light and electrification to underserved communities or people living entirely off-grid worldwide. 

Today, more than 700 million people in the world still live in energy poverty with no access to electricity in their homes, schools, and businesses. This translates into a daily quest  to secure a source of lighting to get them by, be it candles, kerosene lamps, or any other forms of inadequate and potentially dangerous lighting methods. Any shortcoming, ultimately leads to nights of complete darkness.

Fosera understands that the lack of access to an elementary good as electricity puts all those affected in a situation of structural disadvantage which ultimately condemns them to the bottom of the social pyramid.

That`s why our approach to solving this problem was to design and manufacture high-quality Solar Home Systems that are easy to install and are as simple as plug-and-play to make it as easy as possible for individuals to operate, including young children that benefit greatly from our systems. 


Our Philosophy

From the start our philosophy has been to provide sustainable and built-to-last products that benefit our end customers for years and ensure we reduce our environmental footprint regarding technological waste wherever possible.

In that sense, it is not only of vital importance that our products break with the harmful habit of programmed obsolescence and that they last for many years, but also necessary that broken or defective products are reused, repaired, and eventually returned to operation. This process is a continuous work in progress and has become a distinctive part of our brand. 


So how have we been implementing our mission?

First and foremost, we have established our factory in Thailand to have complete autonomy over our manufacturing and supply chain processes. We focus on quality-made products instead of mass production of products that are short-lived and of poor quality. 

We have formed solid partnerships with companies in different parts of the world that share our quest to deliver our Solar Home Systems to the people who need them the most and work in-par with our social and business values. 

To make our products more accessible and remove the upfront price barrier of our Solar Home Systems, we have integrated the PAYG technology into all our hardware systems. A system that enables millions of people to have affordable access to electricity by paying small amounts of money over a long time.  


Where are we heading?

Fosera realizes the need for clean and sustainable electrification is no longer limited to underserved and off-grid communities. Today we are focusing on spreading our technology in more developed regions, whether in the camping equipment industry or backup systems in case of catastrophes that are becoming more frequent and more aggressive. 

We are creating an updated business model that allows us to allocate our profits in Europe and developed countries to better serve the most rural and abandoned communities in other parts of the world by making our products more affordable and accessible. 

Join our journey in bringing innovation and reliable Solar Home Systems to the world!


Written by: Lama Ibrahim