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fosera. solar LAMPS

The fosera. LAMPS use highly-efficient LED technology with a very long lifetime. They come in three versatile styles: Ceiling Lamp, Tube Light and Mini to fit any solar home system size. With an efficiency of up to 137 lm/W they provide powerful lighting options for Blue Line SPARK and PSHS Solar Home System kits. The fosera. Blue Line Lamp mini is distinguished by its modern touch switch with three dimming levels: 15, 50 & 100%.

Bright versatile lighting range

Offered in 100 to 200 lumen strength, solid bright light for any room

Plug & Play

Simply plug the lamp into a fosera. battery box and flip the switch for instant light

Touch Switch

Modern touch switch more resistant to wear and tear provides three dimming levels: 15/50/100% 

Highly efficient

Up to 137 lm / W for a long lifetime of regular use

fosera. family Blue Line LAMPs

Our models.

Blue Line Ceiling Lamp

Ceiling LAMP

Up to 200 lm

Lamp mini touch switch

LAMP mini

Up to 150 lm

Compatibility with:

fosera. PSHS


Blue Line






Nominal Lamp Voltage 3.2 3.2 V
Nominal power 0.73 1.46 0.76 1.14 W
Color temperature 5000 5000 5000 5000 K
Illuminance 100 200 100 150 lm
Cable length 6 6 6 6 m
Switch Mechanical switch; 2 dimming modes Capacitive touch switch; 3 dimming modes
Weight 0.33 0.33 0.15 0.15 kg