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fosera. EVO

Powerful solar home system with up to 1kWh of storage

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Light x4





Flexible Design




Expandable concept which can grow in several steps.

The fosera. EVO is our largest solar home system, designed for extended energy needs or productive use. The innovative hybrid battery management system can either run as pure Lithium system or extended with a lead acid battery, without compromising in system reliability or lifetime. 

The fosera. EVO has as well the ability to grow: once the energy demand increases, the fosera. EVO can be extended by adding an additional solar panel and battery, as well as the fosera.smartSHS appliances. 

Multiples options to expand and upsell

Designed to grow by adding appliances, additional battery and solar capacity

Innovative Hybrid battery

Decreasing energy storage costs without compromising in quality or battery lifetime

Smart Energy Management

Optimising energy consumption allowing to program outlets and optimize the daily runtime of the system

Powerful and versatile

High battery capacity and various outlets allowing diverse system configurations

Reliable Lithium Phosphate battery

Significantly longer battery lifetime compared to Lithium NMC and safer to use

System Configuration:




EVO 320 KIT:

•  EVO 320
•  250Wp Solar Panel
•  2x Lamp 200
•  2x Lamp 400
•  TV 320
•  fosera. Cooler

6:10 hrs Solar runtime*

EVO 320 KIT:

•  EVO 320
•  250Wp Solar Panel
•  2x Lamp 200
•  2x Lamp 400
•  TV 320
•  fosera. Cooler

6:10 hrs Solar runtime*


fosera. EVO80160240320units
System Voltage12.812.812.812.8V
Lithium battery capacity (Built in) 7.615.222.830.4Ah
Battery typeLiFePO4
Recommended lead acid capacity10 — 2015 — 3530 — 5040 — 60Ah
fosera. jack appliance outlets4x Configurable outlets
Screw terminal outlets1x Regular outlet, 2x Configurable outlets
USB Outputs2x USB Outputs
Solar input2x Screw terminal Solar input
External lead acid battery connector**1x Screw terminal load
Dimensions (Pure Lithium system) 336.5 x 216.5 x 90 mm
Dimensions (Hybrid system) 336.5 x 216.5 x 323 mm
Recommended module peak power50100150*200 (2x 100)*Wp
*Alternative solar panel configurations are possible adding up the recommended module peak power between two modules
**Available only for Hybrid EVO models