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Become a partner

fosera. can offer a board portfolio of solutions which can be fitted perfectly to your needs, with co-branding, customized system configurations or even co-development of features. 

With fosera. you’ll have a strong and reliable technology partner, which can provide you with outstanding quality systems. 

As a pure manufacturer, fosera. prides itself in supporting distributors in their local operations through effective project support and competitive product offerings. 

Reach out to our sales team. We’re excited to learn more about your project and what we can do for you!



In order to make your
offering unique in the
market, we offer a range
of co-branding opetions
and levels to support you
building your brand.


Each market is different.
We therefore have
developed a tool-box full
of plug & play kit options
which allows you to build
the system you need to
make your project

In case you have very
special requirements or
new ideas, don't hesitate
to get in contact with us
to discuss options of co-
development of new
features or products.