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In order to ensure a long lifetime for your fosera. products, fosera. offers a 3 year warranty for all products manufactured by us*. 

How does our warranty service work?

With your first order over 50 systems, Fosera will supply you with spare parts free of charge in order to make any repairs necessary on the systems. Along with this, we offer comprehensive training guides and materials to help you along the way. In the course of future orders, any failures can be reported with the Fosera warranty platform and new spare parts can be requested.  

Why spares?

Fosera’s philosophy is to minimize waste as much as possible, and providing spares for fixing existing systems allows us to cut down on amount of waste created by fixing systems rather than scrapping them. 



*Appliances like radio, TV or fans are not included in the overall Fosera warranty for electronic components and are covered by a one-year warranty. 


Dathasheets and User Manuals are available in our section downloads.