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Fosera wins funding for innovative Peltier-based Solar Cooler through Efficiency for Access

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Fosera has been awarded funding through the Efficiency for Access Research and Development (R&D) Fund from UK Aid for the development of a Peltier-based Solar Cooler.

“Our whole team is excited and motivated by the funding from the Efficiency for Access R&D cooling call  . We want to meet the need for affordable cooling in the solar off grid market by developing a solar optimized Peltier-based Solar Cooler”, according to Fosera CEO Catherine Adelmann.

Access to cooling brings a wide range of benefits to rural communities: perishable goods can be stored for longer; additional income can be made  through selling cooled drinks and new business ideas such as producing fruit juices or yoghurt can become a reality..

With a small and affordable cooler design, Fosera wants to meet the demand of Tier 2 electrification households. As a semi-conductor based cooling technology with few moving parts, the Peltier-based Solar Cooler will be easier to transport and will below maintenance compared to common solar refrigerators working with compressors.

The project is anticipated to serve 5,000 households, potentially benefiting 25,000 people in Kenya, Senegal and Thailand.

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More information for the grant can be found at:

About Efficiency for Access Research and Development fund:

The Efficiency for Access (EforA) Coalition, with anchor funding from UK Aid, is investing in Research and Development (R&D) projects that are focused on improving appliances in off-and weak-grid environments. The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund is particularly interested in projects which lead to the acceleration of availability, affordability, efficiency and performance of a range of Low Energy Inclusive Appliances that are particularly suited to developing country contexts and promote social inclusion.

The Efficiency for Access Research and Development fund is provided by UK Aid.